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Metal Revolution : 70/100

Anachronaeon, a band with quite difficult and highly original name, is a two-piece unit
from Swedish town of Västerås. As the Last Human Spot in me Dies is their first official
release for Russian-based Stygian Crypt Productions.
This cd, which consists of 9 tracks, is actually more or less a pimped up version of
band’s demo from 2004.

So what can I say about this release? Firstly, I can say that I was surprised when I heard
the first tunes on the disc, because last thing I expected from these Swedes was
progressive metal. Secondly because of the fact that usually the production part on
majority of Swedish bands is much better than what is presented here.
It is rather flat and thin and it is a huge shame in my opinion,
because it is obvious that these two guys can play.

There’re a lot of these dark and melancholic melodies in their music, with
a few brutal sections here and there and also calmer mid-tempo parts.
So when you summer things up a bit; you have everything here that you can
possibly expect from a prog metal band, but on the other side because of
the reasons mentioned above, the score is not higher than what you see above.

It can be highly recommended esp. for the fans of Nevermore, Amorphis,
Sentenced and such similar acts. For more info go to or simply write to SCP

Reviewed by Bato


This one is fucking killer! I already forgot how good and technical melodic metal sounds!
Anachronaeon reminded it for me, and did it in a very technical way. Having some Progressive
and even avantgarde influences, band released this full lenght masterpiece in 2004.
Its hard to find band playing similar to this one, but some elements reminds me Age of Silence,
Dream Theater and some tracks sounds very influenced by Dark Tranquillity and early In Flames.
Very technical and well produced album! As The Last Human Spot In Me Dies goes directly to my
Top 10 listening albums! Having some influences of death metal in their music and guitars,
music does not sound very typical and boring. It brings this album elements, which makes sound
very melodic and colourful. I would like to hail vocal lines 1000 times, this is one of the best vocals
I've heard in such style bands. In fact, Patrik Carlsson plays Guitars, Bass and Keyboards without
only singing. Music is very guitar based, all the melodies and rythms shows how technical and skillful
musicians are. I was really stunned by this release! Anachronaeon showed me one more time that
Sweden metal scene is the best! To contact this band, write to

Veles Underground metal webzine


This third full-length from these 3 creative musicians from Sweden put this band in the worldwide
elite of heavy metal (the previous releases are produced under the name HUMAN FAILURE).
Yes, the band is more mature here and the proposal to create a emotive heavy metal with influences
of power metal and melodic metal are mixed with some atmospheric doom echoes producing a kind
of very special metal with clean voices and deep melancholic feelings, Patrik Carlsson is a fabulous guitarist
and I listen here some of the most beautiful heavy metal solos of the last years- he is also the vocalist
and his voice is incredible – it has a very deep sad feeling inside – sometimes he change the clean form
to growls and it is great too. 49 minutes of pure heavy metal groove with creativity and feeling in superb tracks
as “Anachronaeon (Where people live in Dreams), “The English Wizard”, “Confessions of a Lost Soul” &
Sweet Tears of Redemption”. It is a precious band in a universe of boring metal clones!!!!!(EF).

Highest grade possible.

Krepuskulum webzine, Brazil

Bad translation through Babel Fish from Greek to english:

Before I begin to say anything, I want to stress that this work is with difference the better selfproduced cd that
I have received the last months. The band comes from Sweden and up to recently was called Human Failure.
With this name it has circulated two Demos in 2002 and 2003. the As The Last Human Spot In With Dies it
is the new work of the band, but also the Anachronaeon it is the new name.
This disk is formally considered demo that has not circulated from some company
but has a lot of differences from remainder demos, since it contains 9 pieces and artwork that accompany
cd are amazing. It appears that has not become off-hand work and the band has appetite for what it makes.
The music now, could not be characterized with a concrete label after such something him would wrong.
Personally him I would characterize simply melodic music with some Death Metal elements.
The compositions of Anachronaeon are based in the solos that give most times a melancholic
atmosphere in the all situation. I am not that fond of solos, but in this case I dare I say that from the first
hearing me they gained also as much as if I tried, I did not accomplish to find something negative in them.
Positive is that they do not tire and without these pieces they would be completely dull and ugly.
Naturally the rhythmical guitars exist to a large extent and in particular are kalopajgme'nes.
Exist fast points but also somebody more argo'syrta that however and in the two cases you gains.
Phonetic now, are at base clean but exist and enough brutal.
Really for this type phonetic sound amazingly and tie up absolutely with the music.
Finally, the alone negative that I found is that I would prefer the sound of boot it had more volume
but this I hope that it will be improved in the next work mpa'ntas.
It deserves you hear the As The Last Human Spot In With Dies irrelevantly with the musical type
that you prefer and would be good as long as we can strengthen the effort of children from Sweden.


I've found the word by means of which I can call what this Swedish
project does - dark metal, despite the fact I've never liked
definitions of such kind. (Have you met a lot of light metal?).
Speaking not in two words, this is melancholic and quite alienated
from metal mainstream album again. As high-quality as the last demo,
but I don't know, perhaps, more grown-up. The band unambiguously has
its own handwriting, and that indicates a great deal. Viscid
dark-gothic riffs interlace in a vine-like way with long but pleasant
heavy solos. Telling the truth, once (in Anachronaeon (Where people
live in dreams)) the solo at one moment seemed like a piece of next to
last ARCH ENEMY release, but it was over very quickly. Competently
recorded alive drums, breaking to the blast-beats, coexist with guitar
tremolo. Patrik Carlsson's vocals are specific too: light growling
plus clear vocals, not very powerful, but nice and appearing just
when it is necessary. Lyrics are simple but emotional enough. And for
the last bit, self-made artwork - it is without pretensions, however,
with taste and in workmanlike manner. So I need say something
unpleasant, need I? All the same the whole album - music, lyrics,
artwork covers breathe with some kind of reticence, not having
displayed itself to the end.. But still the work is very good.


BlackMan @

6,5/10 David Noaksson -Metal Heart 2004

Not really long ago, I already reviewed the band’s previous studiowork titled «Tales From a Hollow Eternity»
and released under the moniker Human Failure. As I liked the last opus I was looking for more of the same
amalgam of death metal and heavy epic surroundings. It was soon evident that this may take a few listens to
completely appreciate the complexity of the songstructures and musicianship on show

Epic fantasy death metal is a start to describe Anachronaeon’s musical world, with some keyboards
and some pretty slow paced rhythmic stuff along with clean vocals (coupled with very good grunts).
Everything is in here, to make «As The Last Human Spot In Me Dies» a good album, that definitely
has its own identity I simply hope the swedish trio shall focus on growled vocal works
that nicely counterbalance the melodic musical approach
of the whole concept. Different and interesting.


Pull the chain 2004

Det går inte att låta bli att imponeras av ett band som spelar in en 49 minuter lång demo
innehållande nio låtar. Speciellt inte som det är högkvalitativ musik, skickligt framförd
och välproducerad. Det måste ligga ett hästjobb bakom ”As the last human spot in me dies”.

Det som är mest framstående på den här metalinspelningen är att det är riktigt duktiga
musiker vi har att göra med. Samtliga instrument framförs på ett tekniskt imponerande sätt.
Herrarna har dessutom lyckats snitsa ihop några riktigt bra dängor.
Med ett progressivt anslag mixar Anachronaeon folkmetal a la Vintersorg med mjukare
döds och nosar här och var på black metalterritorier.
Det är ett väldukat smörgåsbord vi nöter, där djupa growls snällt samsas
med en rejält tilltagen dos skönsång.

Jag imponeras av Anachronaeon det ska erkännas, men anser samtidigt att de tagit
sig lite vatten över huvudet. Nio låtar är för mycket. Det finns inte riktigt idéer till att
fylla ut en så lång speltid. Stundtals låter musikanterna lite tveksamma och då tappar
då all pondus som de byggt upp i sina vassaste stycken.

Att dessa herrar inte skulle plockas upp av ett bolag ser jag dock som otroligt.
Den här typen av inställsam lite ambivalent metal tycks ju älskas
av sydeuropeiska A&R-snubbar.

3/5 Joyzine

Z wiekiem chyba zaczalem glupiec, bo coraz rzadziej podobaja mi sie plyty laczace w
swej tresci kilka gatunków Metalu. A mój konserwatyzm w ocenie
'As the Last Human Spot in Me Dies' podbudowany jest tym, ze jedna z czesci skladowych
ciagnie w strone zespolu, który, jak dla mnie, skompromitowal sie na
zeszlorocznej edycji Mystic Festival.

I rzeczywiscie, na 'As the Last Human Spot...' mozna odnalezc gros odwolan do
ekipy imc Harrisa - posluchajcie tylko poczatku 'Anachronaeon...' czy solówki i
koncowych riffów w 'The English Wizard', nie mówiac juz o calym 'The Amulet'.
Wyraznie wybijaja sie tu melodie a'la Iron Maiden, szczesliwie uciekajac w strone
'Fear of the Dark', a nie syfiastego 'Dance of Death', czy jak tam ten ostatni gniot sie wabil.
Po drugiej stronie barykady stoi typowe dla Szwedów mlócenie które, nie bede ukrywal,
bardziej mi sie podoba. Jest fajnie rozpisany na dwie gitary wstep, podpadajacy pod Opeth we
wspomnianym 'Angielskim Czarodzieju'; jest tez nieco 'at-the gatesowe' 'Tornado'
i podpadajace pod niektóre dokonania Schuldinera 'Confessions of a Lost Soul'
czy 'Sweet Tears of Redemption'. A jesli tego Wam malo, to zawsze mozna udac
sie pod numer szósty, który 'nie wiedziec czemu' kojarzy mi sie z 'Master of the Wind'
Manowar... Obowiazkowo, jak na taki misz-masz przystalo, dwa wokale - czysty
(ach, ta szwedzka 'angielszczyzna') i poprawny growl. Muli takze nieco nienaturalne
brzmienie bebnów, którego 'zywotnosc' podkreslono nawet na tylnej wkladce.

'As the Last Human Spot...' to plyta poprawna, ale nie moge powiedziec, ze nad wyraz solidna.
Na pewno brakuje tutaj konsekwencji, pewnego kierunku, bo zonglowanie konwencjami,
które funduje Anachronaeon moze nieco zawrócic w glowie.
Gdyby rozbic Anachronaeon na dwie kapele, to material z tej plytki móglby oddzielic dwa
w miare obiecujace demka. A tak dostajemy prawie 50 minut grochu z kapusta
w postaci 'szwedzkiego Heavy/Death Metalu'.
Takie sobie, ale posluchac mozna.


E' da ormai diverso tempo che questo album autoprodotto dagli svedesi Anachronaeon
tormenta il mio sonno. Più o meno dal periodo in cui mi sono occupato del loro
precedente demo, "Tales From A Hollow Eternity", firmato col negativissimo
monicker di Human Failure.Riesco solo ora ad emergere dal vortice dei miei numerosi
impegni extra-curricolari (avrà senso, in questo contesto?) per concentrarmi il tempo
necessario a scrivere queste righe su "As The Last Human Spot In Me Dies".
Sì, perché sebbene avessi già ripetutamente ascoltato questo disco, facendomene
quindi un'idea precisa, non avevo mai avuto il tempo di scrivere questa recensione...
Ma a voi che ve frega?! Niente, quindi procediamo.

Dunque, abbandonato l'avvilimento umano che li portava a firmarsi Human Failure,
il duo svedese arricchisce l'organico di un altro musicista e muta il nome in un
più neutro Anachronaeon. Ai due elementi Andreas Akerlind (batteria) e Patrick Carlsson
(voce e tutto il resto) si aggiunge anche l'altra chitarra di Marcus Wadstein, che comunque pare
nel frattempo già avere abbandonato la band.

Ok, forse progressi a livello di superamento della depressione ci sono stati, ma
a livello musicale? Non direi. Lo standard compositivo è rimasto il medesimo.
Ed un miglioramento c'è stato solamente dal punto di vista della qualità di registrazione.
Che comunque è sempre all'altezza di un ottimo demo o, come in questo caso, di un
decente album autoprodotto. Un livello che sembrerebbe soddisfacente, ma piuttosto
non basta a sopperire alle carenze che gli Anachronaeon si portano
dietro già dalla precedente incarnazione. Una voce che, sì, riesce ad essere intonata
zompando allegramente da passaggi in growl a passaggi in voce pulita, ma che comunque
si presenta povera di profondità, senza riuscire a colpire.
Praticamente lo stesso difetto che in generale si ritrova anche nel suono.
Un suono bello e pulito, ma quasi totalmente privo di aggressività.
E, senza aggressività, può una band definirsi death metal??

Il death metal melodico ed atmosferico scandinavo sembrerebbe essere
infatti la matrice del sound di questa band, che però mantiene un saldo legame
con l'heavy metal più tradizionale. Persistono i riferimenti a una band come i Running Wild
(penso a "The Amulet" in particolare) che, pur facendo dell'amabilissimo metal tontolone,
non hanno proprio nulla a che fare col death! E, come se non bastasse,
io insisto nel definirli un gruppo emo-death! Emo- nel senso sì di emozionale, ma anche
nel senso di emo-punk, infatti continuo a riconoscere sonorità tipiche di Bad Religion e
compagnia bella nel song-writing degli Human Failure o Anachronaeon, che dir si voglia.
Certo, per carità, non è tutto Running Wild e Bad Religion! Diciamo che
In Flames, Amorphis e Sentenced (il tutto magari più epic che death, in effetti!)
prevalgono tra le influenze, ma il filtro dei suddetti si fa avvertire e, a mio avviso,
neanche poco, come nel caso di "Reborn By Fire", brano non bellissimo ma esemplare,
dove si passa da un riff in stile Bad Religion, ad uno in stile Katatonia, ad un altro
in stile epic metal!!

Detto questo, termino la recensione ribadendo che un miglioramento vero e proprio non c'è stato.
C'è giusto un miglioramente tecnico dovuto anche al fatto che si tratta della loro seconda uscita
stavolta presentata come album autoprodotto piuttosto che come demo, ma tutto qua.
E quindi... Il voto rimane lo stesso, nell'attesa di tastare il polso al futuro degli Anachroneon.
Se mai ci sarà.

(MoonFish - Giugno 2004)

Voto: 7/10

Västeråsbandet med det svåra bandnamnet är åter tillbaka och denna gången gick det fort
(sist demo recenserades i förra numrets demoomgång). Precis som sist så handlar det om
musik som påminner om VINTERSORG. Inte helt illa alltså.

Det skönsjungs och det varieras stort på denna niospårscd.
Förvånas stort att det ännu inte är något bolag som har nappat på deras musik,
ok. den är inte så originell men det är banne mig välspelat och bra.

Själv njuter jag till fullo varje gång jag får en demo signerad ANACHRONAEON
och hoppas så klart att jag i framtiden skall få avnjuta deras musik
på en skivbolagsfinansierad skiva. Låten som bär bandnamnet är en riktig orgie
i välspelade IRON MAIDEN-slingor och sådant applåderas stort i mitt hjärta.


Daniel Eriksson
Slave to Metal

The Västerås, Sweden, based band Anachronaeon was previously known as
Human Failure and this is their first recording under their new name.
I will start off this review by highlighting the positive points of this nine-track demo,
not because of the fact that it is perfect but simply because that will get me
into a good mood. Above all this demo will be remembered for the extremely
melodic content. Anachronaeon doesn't sound excessively Swedish though;
instead the melodies are more in the melancholic Finnish vein and references
such as early Amorphis and Sentenced quickly come to mind.

There is something here for fans of the Swedish school as well as "The Amulet"
has a nice melody that could just as easily have been found on In Flames' classic
"The Jester Race". Anachronaeon are not entirely stuck in the past despite these
comparisons and there are some more experimentive ideas found on this demo.

Now we are moving towards the negative points of the demo.
The vocalist (and Jack of all trades) Patrik Carlsson uses both
clean and growling vocals, very possibly influenced by Mikael Åkerfeldt.
The problem here is that his growling vocals are ok but his clean voice is not the best.
He is a good singer, as shown on "Anachronaeon" and "The English Wizard" in particular,
but he unfortunately lacks the voice. Most of this demo consists of rather laid-back,
melancholic melodies but there are some heavier riffs now and then and the
introductory guitar work on "Confessions Of A Lost Soul" is highly impressive.
Another problem is that the nine tracks musically envisions a stream high up
in the mountains. It is calm and a nice experience for the moment but eventually
you grow bored with it. The members of Anachronaeon are too careful
They need to dare more in the future and work on the contrasts.
This is definitely material that would have benefitted from a label's studio budget.

Vincent Eldefors
Tartarean Desire



Reviewed by Toby on May 23, 2004.

Not so long ago I reviewed the Swedish band Anachronaeon.
Their last album ‘Tales From A Hollow Eternity’ was recorded somewhere in 2003.
After a hard working period they managed to produce another CD within a year.
Their style isn’t changed a bit. There are only a few things that changed.
The overall sound is enhanced as well.

The musical layers can be extracted easily.
The guitars were mixed in quit well. Now I really can hear their quality where I talked
about before in their last review. The live recorded drums are also guilty of this
enhanced production. The solo’s on this album and for example in ‘The English Wizard’
are virtuose. The keyboards and the guitars are melted together as one.
These keyboards are adding the extra sphere and melody to the songs.
This album contains long songs including a good casco/story which was
also evident on their last album. Deep grunts and clean vocals are changing
like the weather. The grunts are full of power but the clean vocals are a bit lame.
Nevertheless they managed to create a sort of fantasy/death metal.
I guess a lot of melodic/death/fantasy metalheads
will like ‘As The Last Human Spot In Me Dies’.

Do you remember a band from Sweden with the name "Human Failure"?
They changed their name to "Anachronaeon" (hey Patrik difficult to pronounce
this word ), and this year they release their third demo cd which is, as the previous,
very long in the play time. Actually is forty nine minutes..
Again the band combines in a perfect way the heavy with the death metal vocals
together with lot of melody and clean vocals. This time, the songs range between
five and seven minutes. The band also has a second guitar player now
and they did their first live show. So if you want to hear, something really interesting
and if you want to have something from a very good band, buy not just the last
but all 3 demos from these guys.
Well done!

Reviewer: Antonis Maglaras, Metal Invader (Greece)

Rating: 5/5


And has waited! You do not imagine, as, having found in my mailbox a package
with a new material of a band (thanks, Patrick!), I hurried up back home that
in quiet conditions to sit down and listen at last this music. Very long ago any
more did not test similar disturbing senses - pleasantly, god damn!

What to tell? What I am not disappointed? Hmm... you look at a final estimation,
and my impressions from "As The Last Human..." to you become clear.
I am proud, that I have this ingenious material. It is confident,
the booklet to a CD already through short time will be "dead" (:-) -
to get this CD from a shelf I shall begin very frequently.
I am admired with all - both professionalism of musicians,
and composite fullness of a material, and its unique attractive atmosphere,
and quality of realization... Certainly, ANACHRONAEON's mastermind - Patrick.
He has written almost all music and lyrics to this album.
This time duration of a material makes almost 50 minutes,
but this time flies by imperceptibly - alone with ingenious products
(as if that music, the book or film) such occurs always.

Trust me or not, but on this time I cannot to compare at all to
anybody creativity of a trio from Vasteras. Just greatest dark metal
the supreme parameters to which stupid owners of labels persistently do not
wish to pay attention. Trendish idiots!

Here there is all necessary of what the metal masterpiece will consist.
Aggression and fury in strong compressed fist, depression on the verge of
an anguish in a shivering open palm...
Be not surprised, but the place even for some kind of ballads -
"Shadows Taking Over" - was found. Be not spat, mood of this thing
incredibly gloomy - no slices of sugar. Unless only in an autumn dirt this sugar...
Patrick's clean vocal simply leaves spasms in a throat, suppressing depth
and a melancholy. Growling of ANACHRONAEON's leader applies this time
less often, than on the previous album, but it always in a theme -
when that demands temporhythm a composition or a lyrical component...

People, I once again in the most convincing image call you to support this
amazing band. Write to Patrick, order these profi CD's, be interested in news.
Believe, such fair and overemotional metal during our selling times
there is all less often. And this music needs a support of all those
who appreciates skill, originality and sincerity of creation.

" Guilt staring through me
Shadows lurking in my soul
Mirror reflections twisted
Silence my only comfort... "


Reviewed by Pavel Glumin for Fatal Forum (Russia)

"As the last human spot in me dies" è il primo album degli svedesi Anachronaeon,
primo sotto il nome Anachronaeon, infatti questi ragazzi hanno già pubblicato un
demo sotto il nome Human Failure. L'ascolto di questo album per me è stato una
gradita sorpresa, e visto che un redattore schizzinoso di Stillborn aveva
deciso di non recensirlo me lo sono accaparrato io.. bhè, sicuramente niente di
sensazionale o innovativo, o chissà ché però è un album onesto e carico del
sudore e della fatica di questi 3 ragazzotti svedesi.. a dir la verità non saprei definire
il genere suonato dagli Anachronaeon però posso dire con certezza che il loro
metal viaggia attorno al death melodico di casa loro, con occhiate al metal classico
e soprattutto all'epic, ma anche alle ultime produzioni in stile Sentenced..
insomma con un pò di immaginazione potete già capire il suono di questi ragazzi..
canzoni spesso lente, con riff epici che si contrappongono ad altri più swedish,
voce pulita molto più malinconica che epica (molto spesso) che si contrappone
a growl niente male, chitarre spesso potenti che si lanciano in assoli di ottimo
gusto e virtuosismo.. nota di merito anche al batterista Andreas, ottimo su ogni brano.

Mi sembra difficile dare un giudizio su un disco del genere,
che sembra proprio essere un disco di passaggio verso la
ricerca di un suono originale e ricercato, per me questi ragazzi hanno tutte
le carte in regola per regalarci qualcosa
di veramente buono e questo bell'esordio è solo la prima tappa di un lungo percorso.