The Futile Quest

This song was chosen to be the opening track for it's in-your-face qualities,
and we believe it represents Anachronaeon pretty good as to where we're at today.

The theme of the lyrics is about the vanity of mankind, and the human need
to leave something behind to the next generation. We'd all like to feel that we make a difference,
even though one day the sun will die down and all things we're been working for are lost forever.

This song is also a boot in the ass to all investment companies and relentless business people
who will do whatever it takes to turn every penny into profit,
no matter whom they have to trample along the way to reach their goals.

The lyrics take upon a medieval tyrant, and draws parallels to
a president of a company in our modern society.
Not much has changed really, except for the fact that a dethroned tyrant loses the head,
and a fallen corporate president laughs all the way to the bank.

Ages Ago

Ages Ago is a track that's been recorded once before by Anachronaeon.
It was originally on our demo "Tales from a hollow eternity", but since we think it's a good song
we felt that we should record it again, this time so people can get to hear it.
The original song however was like 2 minutes short, so half of the song is new.
The melodies added fit the concept of the old song perfectly
(at least in our opinion) and they might as well have been there always.

The lyrics are about a ghost wandering the earth to inflict the same amount of pain
that he himself had to endure during his horrible life, now regretting that he left it behind.
I guess the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence...

The Beast called Man

This song is one of the slower epic ones on this album with amazing melodies at the end
(if I may say so, and hell I run this site so I can write almost whatever I want here, hehe).
It affects me the same way every time I hear it.

The lyrics are self-explaining I think. Man is a beast.
Pick up a newspaper and read through it and tell me that you live in the best of worlds.

The story is narrated through a disillusioned person who've lost his entire family to war,
and he wishes to erase mankind, which of course means that he also is a beast.
We all are the beast called man.


This song I wrote a long time ago for a solodemo of some sort.
The song is so good that I wanted to use it for Anachronaeon.
Parts have been rewritten and rearranged from the demo version
(which you'll never hear anyways) but the lyrics are the same.

This song is about the autumn and about the people in the world who have no one to turn to.

Towards Purity

This song contains the fastest blastbeats that we've ever recorded
(observe, not the fastest Andreas ever played, but the fastest recorded,
and Eyecult is of course excluded ).

This song is about making career, and the situation many people live in.
There are many people trying to live up to certain ethic standards, but they all get shaped
in corporate form in way way or the other. It takes on the question if we really are suited
to the demands of companies, and how the things that make us human makes us inefficient.

The moral of the song is that if you sell your soul to make that political or working career,
chances are that you'll end up alone in a big house with lots of cool stuff,
but have no one to share it with, except the guild in your mind that will never leave you alone.
Damn, do we sound like hippies?

The Message

This song was also on my solo demo, and also too good not to be Anachronized.
There's alot of rewritten parts in this one, and the lyrics are also brand new.

"The Message" is about the message that we send into space, telling about mankind and
the planet we live on. The Aliens get really happy, and have so much to teach us and want to ask us
so many things that they too can benefit from. However, when they arrive there is no life left on earth.

The idea for these lyrics came to me when I was watching the stars one evening,
thinking that it is a mirror into the past. There must be so many stars that we see
that have already seized to exist because of the great distances.

The Darkness in the Corner of My Eyes

This song is one of our favourites on this album. Melodic, fast, furious, and with a theatrical touch to it.

This one is about a bipolar person, that suffers from great paranoia
about things he's done in his past life. Things he cannot escape from.
The only way to end the voices and the things he see in the corner of his eyes is to end his life,
which he of course does with a thud in the end.

Grief was Never far Away and I invited Her to Stay

This one came to me when I was jamming on the guitar late into the recording process.
I wrote it and arranged it in an hour. It has a little retro feeling to the clean guitar sound, which is nice.
My wife thinks it sounds a little like Opeth. I guess she's right in a certain way.


This song is about a person who wants to die.
The love he/she has in his/her life is treasured, but it is not reason enough to stay.

I guess we don't have to explain why we put this song as the last one on the album?