Anachronaeon - The New Dawn

Stygian Crypt Productions

All of fans, who know Russian and who read previous issue of ANTICHRIST
should remember this band from Sweden ‘coz it’s interview back then.
I must to say that I waiting for this album with huge interest!
And now I holding this in my hands at last.
Well, firstly I’d like to admit the fact that band doesn’t stand on a place,
but moves forward. I mean this album isn’t similar to previous one!
The music is in the same vein but with no any re-playing of old compositions,
like some bands did... That’s really great fact I think.

Ok, let’s continue to penetrate into ANACHRONAEON...
All in all here’s 7 songs on almost 40 minutes of sounding.
It’s also hard for me to call right style of this album, ‘coz here are dark metal,
progressive metal means, even just metal means... So let’s call it – dark progressive metal.
Music is based on both fast and slow rhythms, with two types vocals,
here are growl and clear vocals. I told also about some changes in the music,
I meant this album is more agressive from the musical side, here’s more dark parts also.
Dense rhythm section, necessary tempo changes
(thanx which music on album doesn’t sound monotonously), great atmosphere,
beautiful solos, and as a whole really catching stuff over here.

Every song filled with various ideas, also whole stuff don’t sound like a modern shit,
here’s really metal means. Also music is in total union with conception!
Yeah, album have a conception, all songs are one history
(what about you should find out without my help, it’ll be more interesting?).
Well, we can speak more and more...
I dare to recommended this album to all metalheads into dark
yet bit progressive and untrendy metal exactly!

5 of 5