June 5th- Recent news and updates

So, we haven't given this official website so much love recently. Most stuff is happening on Facebook etc and reviews are starting to be found out there on the interwebz (just Google "The Oracle and the Keyholder", and you'll see). So far only good reviews for the album. If you wanna buy the album directly from us, just hook us up!

We are working on new material and looking for gigs for the coming remains of the year. Wishing you a great summer and we hope you enjoy the album!


March 7th - Recent news and updates

We have a full live line-up now! Mattias Balk, an old friend to the band has joined on bass and we are currently rehearsing a liveset for future shows.

We still haven't mastered our new album, but it's in the pipe, stay tuned!

29th of November - Recent news and updates

So... Andreas chopped off a fingertip at work, so we are taking a break till January to charge batteries and to heal basically. We are glad he is not a guitarist. So, if nothing awesome happens we wish you guys a merry Xmas, loads of beer and a happy new year.

We have completed the mix of the upcoming album, entitled "The Oracle and The Keyholder", and we'll soon master it as well.

June 9th - Recent news and updates

Things are really good in camp Anachronaeon nowadays. Great response on "The Ethereal Throne",
almost everywhere. We also have some other cool news, we are now a trio!
Since last night it is official, our new permanent guitarist is Kenneth Johansson.

Anachronaeon anno 2012 are:
Patrik Carlsson - Vocals, Guitars
Andreas Åkerlind - Drums
Kenneth Johansson - Guitars

January 17th - Recent news and updates

"The Ethereal Throne" is finally released. You can place your orders at or contact us,
as we will soon have a bunch of cds in stock.

Click here to read the official press release!


November 2nd - Recent news and updates

Hello! Now the booklets for "The Ethereal Throne" are being printed, so within a few weeks we hope to annonce a release.

Other news: Patrik is guesting a track called "Existence in Denial," which will appear on the follow-up to Bane's debut "Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness."


/Patrik - Anachronaeon

August 19th - Recent news and updates

Hey Anachronists! Now you can hear the third track "To Ashes" streaming on and our myspace-page as well.
Hopefully we can announce the releasemonth/date for "The Ethereal Throne" soon.

I have laid down some guest guitarring for an upcoming release of Prayer of the Dying (from Malta).
Both two melody themes and a Kill Em All-era-like solo. More info on this as it progresses.


/Patrik - Anachronaeon


Juli 1st - Recent news and updates

Hey metalheads! So, what has happened since the last update? Well, "The Ethereal Throne" is confirmed to be an autumn release, which means that within a couple of months the world will be able to hear it!
Smerdulak has done one hell of a job with the cover art and really outdone himself,
which is not to say a little.

We are also negotiating about a t-shirt design by Mr Smerdulak as well. We feel we need a t-shirt that looks as nice as the album, and let's face it... I am like a blind man without arms by the designing table compared to Smerdulak's skills.

We have also put "Wasting Love" on a Xtreme digital compilation that is a free download.
Check out facebook-page for more info if you wanna download it.
"Wasting Love" will appear on the Satanica Production release MUCII that is a collection of 100 bands.
More info on this as soon as it's out (for those of you who actually would like this song on disc).

I have also put in the tracklist and cover art of "The Ethereal Throne" in the releases section, where you also can download the opening track "Mary".

More to come!


/Patrik - Anachronaeon

April 27 - Recent news and updates

Hey guys... it's been a while since we've updated this site but now we actually have something.
We are releasing a cover song as a free download... Iron Maiden's "Wasting Love".
In our version it is not a ballad anymore, and we interpreted it freely,
so don't expect a version true to the original.

You can download the zip-bundle (includes the song in .mp3 and .wav format, a little cover,
and some release notes for the song) here:

You can view a crappy video that we made for it here:

Smerdulak has begun working on the cover art for "The Ethereal Throne".
We are so eager to see what he will come up with... it is said to be really dark.
Hopefully the release plans of getting this album out in 2011 can be true.

Soon we begin working on the next album. We're gonna have a little break for two weeks,
then we get to work!

Join us on facebook (since that's where the most action is today, like it or not)

Thanks for supporting us!



January 17 - Recent news and updates

Evolution Rock featuring Anachronaeon february 26

ANACHRONAEON February 26 on Evolution Rock!

Interview and preview of The Futile Quest For Immortality.
Click the poster image above for more info!


Anachronaeon featured in MMM MagaZine

"Metal, Magick & Mythos MagaZine is Now Available!!!

MMM MagaZine deals with many various Esoteric and Occult topics found within Music, Art, Literature, and especially within METAL! This is a publication for various voices ov the Underground to express their philosophies and beliefs so that others may find a deeper meaning to their art, music, and writings.

This Issue contains Interviews with Byron ov Bal-Sagoth- Metatron ov The Meads of Asphodel- Nige Rockett ov Onslaught- Nefarious ov NAETU- Noctarth ov Bereavement-Possessed Demonnes ov Anguished- Patrik Carlsson ov Anachronaeon- George Emmanuel (Septic Flesh) ov Valet Parn- Gronk! ov A Band of Orcs-
Independent Film Maker, Historian, Archivist and authority on all things Manson, Jon AES Nihil- Musician, Author and Thelemite, Gerald Del Campo- Book and CD Reviews by Dave Wolff ov Autoeroticasphyxium Zine- Cthulhu Invocation/Shub-niggurath Ritual- Jim Morrison Tribute-Morrison/Dionysus Ritual by Jason Mankey- Artwork by Marcus Ludwig ov Black Death Sign, and much more!  84 Pages!

Help support MMM MagaZine NOW!

Send $6.66 to Will Lovelaw P.O. Box 111 Currituck, NC 27929 USA.
Any additional help with postage is much appreciated!

Paypal at:

The first 50 copies ordered will be a Collector's Edition full color on high quality stock...
First come, first serve!

Many thanks for all ov those who have been a part ov this project!
 -Will Lovelaw"


January 9th 2011 - Recent news and updates

Click the picture to listen to the show!

Cheers and hopefully this new year will kick ass!

December 3rd 2010 - Recent news and updates

This site has been freshed up with a new look.
Other news is that we can also be found at
We're not really sure if that'll give anything, but nonetheless we wanna try.

Cheers and thanks for supporting us!

30th of September 2010 - Recent news and updates

Our next album "The Ethereal Throne" is confirmed to be released by
Stygian Crypt Productions sometime in 2011, and once again
Smerdulak will put our lyrics into awesome cover art.

You can hear the first track "Mary" of "The Ethereal Throne" at our MySpace.
Check it out now!

We have also been played at The Metal Deli (a radio show) and
Brutal Existence Radio. Click them to enter their respective sites.

21st of July 2010 - Recent news and updates

2 songs for free download of "The Futile Quest for Immortality".
Click here to get to the download-page.

Guest keyboards by Janne Jansson have been recorded on three songs for "The Ethereal Throne", Anachronaeon's follow-up album for "The Futile Quest for Immortality. Final mix and mastering ahead.

Anachronaeon will appear in an in-depth interview for the underground magazine AEA #17
Here's the front image for the cover. Click it to check them out!


15th of June 2010 - Reviews on "The Futile Quest for Immortality"

Read them here!

27th of February 2010 - Anachronaeon @Hollywood Metal

Yesterday evening I (Patrik) was interviewed by Brendan Biryla at the radio show
Hollywood Metal. The show featured both Anachronaeon and Eyecult.
Four ANACHRONAEON songs from the new album 2010 The Futile Quest for Immortality
were featured on today’s episode. They include: “Ages Ago”, “The Darkness In The Corner Of My Eye”,
“The Message” and “The Beast Called Man.”
Two EYECULT songs were also featured. These songs are from a December 2009 release
called Morituri Te Salutamus, they are “Aeternum” and “Oblivaeon.”

Click here to read more or click here to hear the show right away!

Hope you enjoy it! /Patrik

15th of January 2010 - "The Futile Quest for Immortality" is released!

And finally the day has come...
The day that we have been waiting for since that moment in january 2009
when we declared "The Futile Quest for Immortality" complete.
A piece of music that is both an image of where we were musically in time,
and also where we were in mind. A journey captured on a compact disc.

For us who have lived and breathed this album
for more than a year (almost two when you include songwriting and recording)
it is like a burden have fallen of our shoulders.
Finally everything we’ve been carrying around
in our heads is out.
It’s almost like a confession and we stand by this album as a strong one.

This means that we came close to the album archetype in our heads.
Closer than we have been on any other recording (Eyecult excluded).
Of course we've learned a lot during this year and during the recordings
that we will take with us to the next album (hell yes, there will be another album!).
In total the performance together with the production have taken a huge leap since "The New Dawn",
but I guess that's what to be expected by a band - pressing the borders little by little each time.
This is also the first album that was not recorded and considered as a demo recording from our side
(which "As the last human spot in me dies" and "The New Dawn" actually are... good demos though).

 If you are familiar with our music since before I hope you still feel at home
but at the same time find new things,
and if you are not one of our dedicated ten fans
I hope you have found something profound and honest in what is being presented to you.

If you want polished, over-produced flat metal dipped in stereotype commercialism
I suggest you move on to another site.

For those loyal who've been waiting as much as we do for this release,
we raise a bathtub of beer for you (a bottle does not seem enough).
You know who you are and if you are in the credits in the booklet, you bet we know it too.

There's a link to the official press release for the album under the press-section
for music journalists and for those who are interested in general.


 /Patrik on behalf of Anachronaeon

11th of January 2010 - Hello fellow Anachronaeonists!

It's time we brought you up to date on what's been going on in camp Anachronaeon lately.
-"What? This update is not about "The Futile Quest for Immortality"?
Nope. Because no matter what happens, the machinery of Anachronaeon (read: I and Andreas)
will not kick back and just wait for stuff to happen. While the Eyecult drum-recordings took place
I took the opportunity to write nine new songs for Anachronaeon.

Since we completed the
Eyecult-recordings, we took a three week break from music to recharge our batteries.
Then we started to work on the follow-up to "The Futile Quest for Immortality".
I can reveal now that this one will be conceptual.
-"Not another alien record huh?"
Well, I actually thought about it, but no. This time I took with me what I've learned and was
critizised about with "The New Dawn". This album is about a serial-killer who murder for the
greater good of God by the command of God. Or at least that is how he percepts the situation.
The theme sort of takes on the danger of unscrutinized religion and the human psyche
combined. More on this later.

As of now all the lyrics and music for the album is written (I was actually done with this in
2008/early 2009) and so far all rhythm guitars and melodic lines for 6 songs our of 9 have
been recorded. I save all the solos for later when all basic guitars have been recorded.

Yesterday (Sunday 10th) we were supposed to record the seventh song.
Things did not go so well. Of course it had nothing to do with the actual playing.
The problems were of technical character, more specific about our sound card.
We thought the guitar sounded weak, and when we checked the input we realized that we only
had mono signal. One input channel was only giving 20%. Damn it! Our warranty is since long due and
while Andreas was checking what he could do with the sound card I broke a string on my
guitar... first one in ten years actually.

When Andreas tried to open the sound card we found that one screw was impossible to unscrew.
It was deformed, so we could actually not fix the contact problem. One way to solve it was
for him to press down the input cable through my entire take, but even then the sound was
swaying. We thought that now we have to either send the card to a repair shop, delaying our
recordings for a longer period of time, or that we had to invest good money in a new card.
None of the options felt fun in any way.

I came home with an empty feeling - a feeling of unfinished business.
What we did accomplish that Sunday though before calling it a day, was to reset all
parameters for the card and made a line-in sollution by resetting our sound card from the
very base. So next Sunday there will be no excuses for not continuing our mission.

The Future however holds some uncertainty about how we will proceed with Anachronaeon.
-"What the hell are you saying dude?"
Andreas may have to move, which means that we not be able to record drums or vocals at his
place. We will solve this in the most practical way we can by temporary solutions. There may
be forced longer breaks up ahead and things may take a while longer for everything, but rest
assure - we will prevail! We just don't know what the future holds right now.

Next year Andreas and I have been playing together for 10 years - that's right. And we hope
and intend to go on for at least ten more.

Soon it's January 15th and "The Futile Quest for Immortality" is released.
Thanks for the support guys!

/Patrik and Andreas - Anachronaeon

19th of July - "Tales From a Hollow Eternity" -
Anachronaeon's 2003 demo - download for free!

Hey guys!

Since November is forever away, and the fact that we once (sometime in 2004) offered all our three fans the entire "Tales from a hollow eternity"-demo (the first one under the name Anachronaeon) in 128 Kbps, so that it now is available on russian paysites for mp3 (we never gave our permission, but of course that doesn't matter in the digital world) we have decided you give you guys who really want this demo in nice quality (192 Kbps) the chance to get it.

This demo was the first step into the sound that we have today, and is special to both Andreas and I. We recorded it on an 8-track portable studio. We didn't use any metronomes, so all takes are delightfully "as is". All drums are recorded in one take, just like on the cd we were about to write and record next: "As the last human spot in me dies". Of course, we really sucked at playing compared to now. My vocals are sour a lot more often than now and some tones are bent to hell and back in certain solos, but hell... I'm proud of it. The first step of a long journey as it feels to me now. A journey that is far from over.

However... we won't make it too easy for you.
This time you actually have to e-mail me personally and ask for the demo. Then I'll send you the download-link.
In return you accept that we e-mail you news about Anachronaeon when something happens
(like once a year, hahahaha).

So, please, e-mail me at ""
and write "Tales" in the subject-line and I will gladly give you the link.

Hope to hear from you soon, and hope you're longing for November as badly as we do, so the world can finally hear "The Futile Quest for Immortality".

/Patrik on behalf of Anachronaeon

24th of June - Delayed release. New site is up!

Since the cover art took longer than estimated we fell out of our previous release schedule.
Stygian has several releases ready which all had ready cover art. Therefor we are sorry to tell you
that "The Futile Quest for Immortality" will not be released until November 2009.
Hang in there with us!

You might have noticed the mp3-player that we have integrated into the site.
It is a sample player containing about 2 minutes of every song on "The Futile Quest for Immortality"
in 160 kBps (which obviously kicks and grinds MySpace's ass into meatsauce in comparison).
Obviously you'll need a flashplayer to listen, which you can download here!

We also have a new guestbook, and some more buttons in the menu compared to the old site.
Hopefully you'll find everything you're looking for even faster now.
(You need flash plug-in for the guestbook also!)

Also we've added simple statistics to the site (for the first time ever).
We really wanna know if we have more than two fans out there. Soon we'll know.

So enjoy, we hope you like what you see and hear!

Thanks for the support!

/Patrik and Andreas - Anachronaeon